🥐 Visitez-nous à Workspace Expo à Paris les 4, 5 et 6 avril 🥂
🥐 Visitez-nous à Workspace Expo à Paris les 4, 5 et 6 avril 🥂

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Six office essentials from MARO Office Furniture Factory
The furnishings of your office affect not only the aesthetics of the interior, but also the overall well-being of your employees, and thus their efficiency. In modern spaces, quality is more relevant than quantity, so you should consider what pieces of equipment are essential for your office. We have selected six of them – check out our article to learn more!
WELL certification - what does it involve?
Nowadays, well-designed spaces are vitally significant. Sustainable development and human-friendly architecture is gaining in importance.
Activity-Based Working
The concept of Activity-Based Working is becoming more and more popular each year. What does this notion actually mean?
Design Thinking in office space design
According to the methodology, the office design process should begin with an analysis of the situation and the needs of space users. It is worth studying work organization in the given company, analyze a typical workday and consider the tools that employees use most frequently.
Brand new collections - Lusso and Fineze
Unique aesthetics, original shapes and inimitable design. New collections of shelf units and occasional tables will transform your space.
StartUs. We make life easier.
Home office desk - this phrase has been searched for more and more frequently.
What is Agile?
There are many different agile definitions on the web. Nowadays, it is a fashionable word to label companies, books, blogs and even coaches. So what is „Agile”?
What kills our effectiveness? Home office investigated.
Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to work from home on a gloomy, cold morning instead of rushing out of the house to catch a tram or being stuck in a traffic jam fighting to arrive at work on time?
Don't apologize for success
The way to the top tends to be winding and bumpy. Major business people will admit that there are thousands of working hours behind their success and that the office is their second home. Why neglect your office, then? Let’s make the place that competes with our sweet home equally beautiful, arranged with passion and care for details.
Collaboration between MARO and The University of Fine Arts
On February 24-28, during Arena Design, you will be able to see the results of cooperation between MARO Office Furniture and a group of students from the Poznań University of Fine Arts. The collaboration took place as a part of the 19th edition of the Education and Design Program (PE-P) which aimed at gaining knowledge and design skills development based on direct cooperation with industry.